Techniques to Select the Finest Violin for the Best Price

Probably, if you are a beginner, you will be buying a violin second-hand. Purchasing the cheapest one you can find is not always the smartest choice. Neither can be purchasing the most expensive one, such as a classic Stradivarius. A beginner needs a fantastic quality student violin. Later, if you stay seriously interested in playing, you can trade-up. Never get a violin over the net. You should Touch, see it, and play with it.


If this will be your first tool and you do not yet understand how to play, take along your instructor or someone that has been playing a while and knows what to look for when buying a violin. They will have the ability to tell if it is well made instrument and has a fantastic tone. Not all violins are made well, and if you are a beginner, learning on a tool with great tonal quality makes a big difference.

Before you venture out, even if you are taking along a professional violinist or music instructor, learn as much as possible about the violin first. That way, you will be knowledgeable about the different areas of the violin for sale. You will be able to look at the scroll, the neck, and the strings. The manufacturer and cost is important, but there are other factors to take into account when purchasing a violin.

  • Be sure the tone precision of what a C major or D minor should sound like, by way of instance and the energy acoustic power are excellent.
  • Determine the history of this instrument. Were their high school girl play it for three decades and provide up last summer before going off to school? Has it ever been sitting in Great Aunt Betsy’s dank cellar for thirty years?
  • Examine the general shape of the wood.
  • Check out the case. Is there indication of water damage old?
  • How long is it at the shop or pawn shop and will you talk with the former owner?
  • Ask if you can put down a deposit and get it examined by a specialist.
  • See whether the instrument includes a written appraisal.

Violins come in various sizes. So, much like Clothes, one size does not really fit all. There are reputable music shops that cater to students and lease out instruments, whether month to month, semester to semester, or year to year. Finally, only test out your violin with a superior bow. A terrific violin can still seem scratchy with no good, properly rosined bow. Make certain to obtain a bow of good quality before purchasing a violin.